• BBQ and Grill...

    You know your guests, customise your menu!

    What option should I choose?

    Choose from a wide range of options to customise your BBQ.

    Pick from 5,7,9 or 11 items per person and accompany them with relishes and sauces relevant to your decision.

    Then add side dishes!


    It really is that easy with The Hospitality Group!


    Our recommendation on options would be...

    ▫️1 white meat ▫️ 1 red meat ▫️ 1 fish option

    ▫️1 vegetarian/vegan ▫️1 carbohydrate ▫️ 2 sides/salads

    Create you own...

    Prices are based on per person...

    🔹5 items: £16.50

    🔹7 items: £19.50

    🔹9 items: £25.00

    🔹11 items: £30.00


    Please note some items may have a supplement charge!


    What I would like isn’t on the menu?

    Just let us know, we are happy to cook to your request!

    We use our menu as a guideline based on the most popular requests.

    How do we bring your menu to you?


    We offer 2 options on how we deliver our BBQ and Grill Service directly to you...


    Option 1- our most ideal option... we supply you with the chef and waiting staff, the bbq, display tables and cloths in the comfort of your own home or venue everything will be cooked there fresh.... you can relax we will do everything!

    (Please note 1 member of our waiting team will be provided an additional charge per member will apply there after)


    Option 2- we can deliver everything to you in disposable containers and left with a recipe card.

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