• Buffet...

    The below menu has a wide range of options for you to customise your buffet!

    We recommend you choose either 6,8 or 10 items per head.



    All will include a platter of sandwiches with approximately half a round allocated per person....

    Sandwich fillings

    ▫️Ham salad

    ▫️Chicken & Bacon

    ▫️Beef & Horseradish

    ▫️Tuna Mayonnaise

    ▫️ Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

    ▫️Egg & Cress

    ▫️ Brie and Cranberry

    ▫️Cheese, Tomato & Pickle

    Section 1- 2 items recommended

    Jerk Chicken Kebabs-

    Diced chicken breast marinated in West Indian jerk seasoning.

    Fried Buffalo Wings-

    Coated chicken wings tossed in sticky sesame Korean glaze.

    Parma Ham & Melon Sticks-

    Diced gala melon wrapped in Parma ham served on a bamboo stick.

    Sticky Spare Ribs-

    Slow cooked pork ribs marinated in a smokey BBQ sauce.

    TeriyakiPork Balls-

    Chinese spiced pork balls with herbs served on a cocktail stick.

    Chipolata Sausages & Mini Scotch Eggs-

    Served in a honey and mustard sauce.

    Moroccan Style Lamb Kebab-

    Rolled lamb kebab with fresh mint and spices with a mint yoghurt dipping sauce.

    Chicken Tikka Kebabs-

    Diced chicken breast marinated in a blend of tikka, lime & coriander seasoning.

    Chicken Drumsticks-

    Roasted chicken drumsticks in a choice of smokey bbq sauce, lemon & thyme, jerk sauce or Satay sauce.

    Chicken Satay-

    Seasoned chicken breast served in a rich Satay sauce.

    Section 2- 2 items recommended

    Yorkshire Pudding Slices-

    Topside of beef wrapped in Yorkshire pancake with stuffing and horseradish.

    Beef Skewer-

    Diced beef served with roasted peppers seasoned with Cajun herbs.

    Sausage Rolls and Mini Porkies-

    Cold puff pastry sausage rolls accompanied with mini pork pies.

    Mini Bellinis-

    With smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, lemon zest & black pepper.

    Mini beef sliders-

    Homemade beef burgers in a miniature bun with tomato relish.

    Caribbean beef patties-

    Marinated beef mince in West Indian pastry.

    Mini chicken fillets-

    Chicken breast in a southern fried breadcrumb with sour cream and chive dip.

    Vegetarian- 1 item recommended

    Breaded Brie-

    Fried Brie with cranberry dipping sauce.

    Breaded mushrooms-

    Fried mushrooms served with garlic & herb sauce.

    Indian Finger platter-

    Vegetable samosas, onion beamish & vegetable spring rolls served with mango chutney.

    Pizza fingers-

    Cheese & tomato or meat feast.

    Sliced Quiche-

    Spanish peppers, cheese & onion, broccoli & Stilton

    Assorted Crudités-

    Carrot, Cucumber, Pitta Breads & cherry tomatoes.

    Stuffed red pepper-

    With couscous and herbs.

    Vegetable skewers-

    Red onion, holloumi cheese, courgette, pepper & mushrooms on a bamboo stick.

    Paprika potato wedges-

    Fried potato wedges tossed in paprika salt & pepper.

    Fish (optional)

    Salt & Pepper Squid-

    Spiced squid bites served with sweet chilli sauce.

    Lions of cod-

    Striped loins of cod in homemade batter with lemon mayo dip.

    Dusted whitebait-

    Miniature fishes deep fried and tossed in paprika flour.

    Tempura prawns-

    Deep fried Chinese style prawn with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.


    Sweet treats

    White chocolate cheesecake-

    Mini white chocolate cheesecake bites topped with Belgium milk chocolate.

    Fresh fruit skewers-

    Watermelon, pineapple, grapes & strawberries.

    Lemon Drizzle-

    Homemade lemon drizzle bites.


    Chocolate bites with white chocolate topping.

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