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  • Weddings and Events


    Seafood cocktail

    Fresh Cromer crab balls, seasoned smoked salmon & crayfish served with classic Mary Rose Sace, dressed leaves & brown bread.

    Chicken liver pate

    Chefs signature pate made with cream, brandy & seasoned chicken livers served with whole meal toast and homemade chutney.

    Mini Thai fish cakes

    Salmon & lemongrass patties served with mango and sweet chilli dip.

    Melon wrapped in Parma ham

    Gala melon wrapped in Parma ham served with mixed leaves and french dressing.

    Chicken Caesar salad

    Warm chicken breast, crispy streaky bacon, Parmesan croutons, ice berg lettuce, boiled eggs & anchovies dressed in Caesar Sauce.

    Crispy beef salad

    Fried strips of British beef dressed in soy & ginger dressing served with pickled carrot and sliced mangetout.


    Vegetarian and vegan

    Tomato and mozzarella salad

    Heritage tomato, buffalo mozzarella, herb oil and

    dressed with balsamic glaze.

    Baked Camembert

    Melted Camembert with thyme and rosemary

    served with red onion chutney and toasted farmhouse bread.

    Carrot and ginger soup

    Purée carrot & fresh ginger served with sliced chives and a twist of cream & warm bread.

    Main courses

    Slow cooked lamb shank

    With creamy mash potato & a rich red wine jus.

    Rack of lamb (supplement charge)

    Three bone french trimmed lamb rack served with dauphinois potatoes, seasonal vegetables & red wine jus.

    Roasted chicken supreme

    Chicken breast supreme served with a mushroom and thyme sauce and sea salt new potatoes.

    Traditional roast dinner

    Gammon, beef or turkey served with roast potatoes, glazed carrots, broccoli , Yorkshire pudding, stuffing & red wine jus.

    Braised pork belly

    Slow cooked pork braised in cider served with apple and cinnamon purée, potato cake and Madeira jus topped with crackling.

    Tournedos of scotch beef fillet (supplement charge)

    Served on whole grain mustard mash and red wine jus.

    Stuffed chicken breast

    Chicken breast stuffed with sun dried tomato & red pepper pesto, served on a spring onion potato cake with a tomato and tarragon sauce.


    Vegetarian and vegan

    Roasted vegetable wellington

    With roasted sweet potato, spinach & tomato basil sauce.

    Stuffed aubergine

    Stuffed with chickpea ragout, served with risotto verde topped with Parmesan crisp.

    Risotto verde

    Filled with herbs, peas & asparagus topped

    with Parmesan cheese.



    Grilled sea bass

    Served with salsa verde, parsley butter potatoes & seasonal vegetables.

    Pan fried fillet of salmon

    Served with saffron risotto, baby leaks & tarragon cream sauce.

    Baked fillet of brill

    Topped with a herb crust & served with spring onion potato cake.


    Deconstructed Elton Mess

    Meringue drops, fresh strawberries served with strawberry coulis & whipped cream.

    Sticky toffee pudding

    Sweet maple syrup pudding served with homemade toffee sauce.

    Summer berry

    Mixed berries topped with a butter and lemon crumble served with vanilla custard.

    Belgium milk chocolate brownie

    Served with salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

    White chocolate and pistachio cheesecake

    Set white chocolate and pistachio served on top of a sweetened biscuit base.

    Lemon posset

    Set lemon curd served with homemade shortbread.

    Cheese and Biscuits

    Choice of Brie, mature cheddar, Stilton & Wensleydale with cranberry, served with homemade red onion chutney and selection of biscuits.

  • BBQ & Grill

    Please note some items may have a supplement charge.


    All our burgers are handmade by our chefs.

    Traditional homemade 8oz Beef Burger

    Classic British beef burger served in a brioche bun.

    Chorizo & Chilli Beef Burger

    Spiced Spanish style beef burger mixed with chorizo, paprika & sweet chilli served in a brioche bun.

    Minted Lamb Burger

    Minced lamb mixed with mint and Moroccan spices served in a warm ciabatta with mint yoghurt dressing.

    Grilled Chicken Burger

    Chicken breast marinated in tarragon, sea salt and lemon chargrilled served with mustard mayo in a seeded bun.

    Salmon fillet Burger

    Grilled salmon fillet in whole meal pitta with citrus and caper Mayo.


    Caribbean Jerk Chicken

    Chicken thighs in lime, coriander & West Indies seasoning hand rubbed and cooked on an open flame.

    Shoyu Chicken

    Sticky chicken thighs cooked in soy and honey glaze.

    Chicken Fillets

    Marinated in lime, lemongrass and Thai 7 spice.

    Chicken Kebabs

    Diced chicken breast on a bamboo skewer pick from coriander & garlic, Chinese 5 spice or BBQ sauce.



    Crispy sweet potato

    Whole sweet potato stuffed with chickpea, onion herb & tahini cooked in foil.

    Tamarind squash & holloumi

    Slices of halloumi and butternut squash with roasted red pepper, olive oil & basil leaves

    Roasted vegetable skewers

    Sweet potato, courgette, mushroom & onions in a basil oil on a bamboo skewer.


    All our sausages are handmade by our approved butcher.

    Pork and caramelised onion

    With sautéed onions & served in a roasted ciabatta

    Apple and leek

    With apple sauce & served in a toasted ciabatta

    Chorizo and chilli

    With sautéed onions served in a torpedo roll

    Jumbo Cumberland

    With sautéed onions served in a torpedo roll.



    Fish Taco

    Sliced plaice, miniature prawns, sweet cabbage salsa & grilled lime Served in soft taco shells.

    Halibut steaks

    Halibut seasoned in brown sugar, lemon grass & Chinese chillies served with mango salsa.

    Grilled rock lobster tails

    Quick cooked lobster tails with lemon, garlic & olive oil.

    Chipotle marinated prawns

    Spicy king prawns in chipotle and paprika on a bamboo stick.


    Leg of lamb

    Seasoned in brown sugar, pepper & friend bbq spices slowly cooked in foil served rare.

    Lamb cutlets

    French trimmed individual lamb rack portions grilled in olive oil.

    Lamb kofta

    Minced lamb mixed with fresh garden mint served on a bamboo stick with mint yoghurt sauce.



    Pork belly Slices

    Thick cut pork belly cooked in sea salt and soy sauce.

    Teriyaki pork kebabs

    Sweet and spicy diced pork served on a bamboo stick.

    Pulled pork joint

    Whole joint of pork boned and rolled in foil slowly cooked.


    Corn on the cob

    Warm new potatoes

    Mini jalapeños in streaky bacon

    Soy & sesame asparagus

    Tequila & cilantro grilled pineapple

    Classic potato salad

    Honey & mustard coleslaw

    Mixed leaf salad

    Mixed Greek style salad

    Vegetable Caesar salad

    Tomato, mozzarella & basil salad

    Basket of rustic breads and butter

  • Canapés...

    We advise a minimum of 3 canapés per person and a choice of 3-5 canapés including a vegetarian option.

    Once you have your final numbers and choices we can give you a price built around your requirements!

    All Cold canapés can be built off site and delivered to you. They are delivered on disposable trays making them easy for you to clear away after your event.

    Alternatively we can freshly make your hot & cold canapés on site and have a memeber of our team serve these to your guests.


    Please note a delivery charge will occur subject to your location. There will also be a supplement charge to have our chef and waiting staff on site.


    Moroccan lamb kofta-

    handmade miniature lamb kebabs with Moroccan seasoning and mint yoghurt dip.


    Made with chorizo and wild mushroom served with aioli.

    Teriyaki meatballs-

    Pork mice balls cooked in teriyaki sauce mixed with spring onion and mint.

    Miniature Yorkshire pudding-

    Roasted topside of beef sliced with horseradish and served in a mini Yorkshire pudding.

    Tandoori Chicken-

    Spiced chicken kebab served with mint yoghurt dipping sauce.

    Chicken satay-

    Mini Chicken fillet on a bamboo stick served in a cup with peanut Satay dipping sauce.


    Crab & Crayfish sliders-

    Fresh crab & crayfish patties with mango salsa in a mini burger bun.

    Coconut prawn-

    Fried king prawn wrapped in a coconut crumb served with aioli.

    Salmon & Cream cheese brushetta-

    Poached salmon pate served on a mini toasted brushetta.

    Chilli & Garlic king prawn-

    King prawn fried in garlic, chilli & lemongrass on a bamboo stick with soy and sesame dipping sauce.

    Lime & Coriander crab balls-

    Fresh white crab meat drizzled in lemon & lime with coriander and dried chilli flakes.


    Holloumi Cubes-

    Cajun fried holloumi served with cranberry dipping sauce.

    Mini avocado brushetta-

    Toasted ciabattta slices topped with chunky guacamole.

    Mango & Brie parcels-

    Mini filo pastry parcels stuffed with Brie and fresh mango pulp.

    Roasted vegetable skewer-

    Roasted sweet potato, red pepper, courgette & onion marinated in thyme & rosemary oil.

    Mini vegetable quiche-

    Miniature quiche bites with fillings made to order.

  • Street Food...

    And Fusion!

    Steamed Seabass

    Whole seabass steamed with ginger, lime, bamboo shoots & garlic butter.

    Pad Thai fish cakes

    Salmon in lemongrass, coriander, lime, ginger patties served with a spiced chilli jam.

    Red snapper & king Prawn Taco

    Crisp red snapper mixed with king prawns & smoked paprika butter, chives & Rocket.

    Pan Fried Korean Crab

    Whole crab claws & legs pan fried with tomato based Korean sauce mixed with spring onion, sesame seed & bamboo shoots.

    Korean pork Dumplings

    Slow cooked pulled pork with spices homemade Korean sauce stuffed in a light dumpling with bamboo shoots, fresh ginger & Coriander.

    Paprika battered king prawns

    Jumbo king prawns wrapped in paprika batter deep fried served with jasmine rice.

    Hong Kong Hoi Sin Pork Biryani

    Battered diced pork mixed with fried rice, coriander, cashew nuts topped in reduced hoi sin sauce.

    Jerk Pork

    Diced Pork Shoulder marinated in lime & chilli served with jollof style black rice topped with sour cream & lime.

    Tamarind pork belly skewers

    Diced pork belly cooked over an open flame & brushed with tamarind & Coriander paste.

    Thai Green lamb Shank

    Slow cooked lank shank smothered in a thick Thai green sauce garnished with lime leaves coconut slices & served with chilli rice.

    Mint & Chilli lamb Burger

    Minced lamb mixed with cayenne pepper, chilli, red onion, ground mint, sesame sauce served in a ciabatta with mint leaves, balsamic red cabbage & sour cream.

    Sri Lankan Lamb Ceylon

    Rich & creamy diced lamb rubbed in Sri Lankan spice served with fragrant coconut basmati rice.

    Soy & Chilli beef or pork burger

    Minced beef or pork mixed dark soy sauce, ginger, chilli, coriander & sesame seeds served in a toasted brioche bun Satay Mayo, coriander & red onion.

    Chef signature fusion tamarind & cashew nut beef massaman curry

    Potato & Thai beef curry with addition of tamarind essence & cashew nut paste served over braised coriander & cumin rice with sliced coconut lime zest & spicy cashew nuts.

    Flank steak ciabatta

    Finely sliced flank steak served with watercress & red onion pesto on a toasted ciabatta with olive oil and balsamic reduction.

    BBQ & Plum sauce Boneless Beef Rib

    Sticky beef rib slow cooked served with plum & BBQ sauce over sticky jasmine rice.

    Jerk chicken Burger

    Boneless chicken thighs marinated in creole lime & jerk paste served in a toasted brioche bun with seasoned Slaw & an avocado fan.

    Korean chicken wings

    Marinated in homemade Korean sauce covered chilli flakes & Coriander.

    Tikka Chicken Skillen

    Chicken pieces marinated in chefs tikka tandoori seasoning served in a grilled wrap with mint yoghurt & Coriander leaves & red onion.

    Hong Kong Chicken Satay

    Battered Hong Kong chicken pieces smothered in lime & peanut sauce served with soy & ginger rice.

  • Bowl Food...

    £8.50 per bowl... we recommend 3 bowl choices including 1 vegetarian option. Minimum spend is £200 + VAT.

    Our waiting team are available for a supplement charge!


    Bowl Food is an informal but classy way of eating. It allows guests a chance to mingle and still be well fed by the end of the event.  


    Moroccan Lamb

    Slow cooked Moroccan lamb Tagine with fresh apricots & butter couscous.

    Beef Bourguignon

    Slow cooked beef in classic french onion sauce with chive & Dijon mustard mash.

    Steak & Chips

    Prime steak fillet served with chunky triple cooked chips, asparagus & peppercorn sauce.

    Belly Pork

    Slow cooked pork rubbed with Chinese five spice served with rice noodles & salted caramel sauce.

    Apple and sage Chipolatas

    Sweet and smokey sausages served with grain mustard mash & cranberry jus.

    Chicken Katsu Curry

    Breaded chicken fillets with sticky jasmine rice & rich curry sauce.

    Chicken Chow Mein

    Asian flavoured noodles mixed with pan fried chicken & Chinese vegetables.


    Garlic butter king prawns

    Jumbo prawns tossed in garlic & herb butter served with firecracker rice.

    Crayfish & smoked salmon salad

    Dressed leaves with avocado, spring onions, potato quarters, feta, black olives & heritage tomatoes.

    Cajun salmon

    Spicy salmon supreme served with butter new potatoes, chilli & redcurrant Jam.

    Cod & Chips

    Fresh loin of cod homage batter served with fries, tartar sauce & pea shoots.


    Risotto Verde

    Fresh peas, mint & rocket mixed with creamed risotto finished with Parmesan cheese.

    Thai style sweet potato

    Mixed with bean sprouts, peppers, fresh coriander & fresh chilli.

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